Shared Services

Shared Services have the mindset of a business and views the rest of the organization as their customers. As a service organization, our accountabilities are delivering value (balancing cost and service levels), as well as identifying ways of further leveraging our client's operating model.

Logistics planning process

Logistics planning process provides the foundation for the entire project. A thorough and well-documented problem definition and plan are essential to all that follows. Our company ensures the development of a supporting logic to integrate the findings of the internal review, external assessment, and technology study.

We take care of the following tasks:

  • We take care of the following tasks:
  • Identification of the most likely system design alternatives based on leading industry and competitive practices
  • The suggestion of innovative approaches based on new theories and technologies

Branding & Marketing

Brand Development is not a revenue expenditure but a Capital expenditure. Just that you never realised this important part too. Branding / Brand Marketing has greatly led to this. Hence as a profession and as a function, ‘Selling’ is slowly sinking. Branding is a more efficient and effective way to sell things.
The old saying of “nothing happens until somebody sells something” has already been replaced with “nothing happens until somebody brands something”.
A good Brand Strategy is like a Bible or a Strong Foundation, on which the journey of your business depends upon. It is the single most important thing responsible for your success, high margins, profitability etc.

Lead Management

The Lead Management process begins when a salesperson first identifies someone’s interest in the company’s services or products. This interest could be identified from social media, public relations, search marketing, search engine optimization, or telemarketing.

These are the steps in RightWave’s Lead Management process that helps convert leads to customers:

  • Defining the objective: Before scoring or identifying leads, it is important to define the characteristics of prospects who can be considered as qualified leads.
  • Creating Service Level Agreements:In order to handle the process of forwarding qualified leads to sales teams, service level agreements (SLAs) need to be created to define and govern each stage of the process.
  • Scoring leads:Once the definition and the SLAs are ready, lead scoring is a good way to qualify relevant leads and identify the strongest prospects.

Customer Discovery

While every startup is different, and every product is different, whether your company is bootstrapped or venture-funded, it's never too early to conduct customer discovery. And a general guideline would be that if you haven't achieved product-market-fit, you should be performing customer discovery. Even if you only have a product idea, are designing a prototype, building your product, or have finished a product, but few to no customers, discovery will provide critical insights.

The advantages of customer discovery are that you don't spend limited time and money on product development or sales to see what works, but rather save the money for executing and scaling what you have already shown to work. If a startup properly conducts customer development, it helps them become highly focused, capital and resource-efficient, and while not a guaranteed success, more likely to achieve product-market fit, improve valuations, and attract additional investment.

Project On Boarding

Project onboarding is the process of introducing your team to the project. It takes place in the project initiation phase and is meant to get all team members on the same page.From communicating roles and responsibilities to establishing deliverables and timelines Having a project onboarding process in place ensures everyone involved in the project understands the project goals and what’s expected of them. A project schedule breaks down the project into smaller, manageable tasks and outlines the deadlines and required resources. It offers a high-level overview of the deliverables, helps identify bottlenecks, and tracks project progress.