Beyond Software & Staffing

TechniHire had been adopting new qualitative and process management methods for effective execution of the client projects in a correct way and prescribed time.

In our company, we invest our revenue, energy, experience, and expertise in process of adopting new technologies for making our employees trained and skilled. We are far beyond software and staffing because, we not only complete the projects, but implement the software solutions in a future-ready approach.

Why are we different from other companies?

1. We are predictable in terms of performance and quality

Our corporate management system which is qualitative and certificated, allows us to execute our client projects from the root level with the help of proper consultation, with quality, time, and budget expectations. To avoid any kind of expected risks in project execution at the corporate level, we follow risk management practices at all project levels.

2. Trustable delivery of service

Our client's data safety is our top most top most priority, we have proven strategies in terms of security and Management. This security is supported by an infrastructure that is cloud-based, the remote is operated under complete security.

3. Paced and stable application development

As a company that is there in the field of IT Outsourcing and staffing, we have a set of technological and management practices that we Bible for all client projects. Every few weeks we release the latest versions of the applications and implement changes in them making our work process agile, iterative, and quick. Our trust is completely based on cloud-native architecture and we use the very modern approach in terms of the development and management of infrastructure

4. Commitment to excel every time

As a company, we believe that change is life and everything that changes is actually alive. Hence we keep on implementing timely adaptations, improvements, updations, and technological advancements in all our in-house projects.

Our thinking is quite out of the box, which helps to add value to our customer's projects. We are certified under IAOP, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. Our work has traveled a lot and received several accolades, awards, references, and certifications for being innovative and CSR. We are a perfect solution if you are looking for a partner to help your business grow and bring monetization to the idea in your brain.

We will help you to improve the process of your business by optimizing and automating it. In addition to implementing software Solutions, we follow the following methodologies and Technical implementations

  • Application performance management
  • Devops with pipelines
  • Automated testing
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • It help desk services
  • Managed Analytics
  • Digital crisis management
  • Infrastructure support
  • Migration to cloud and development

we believe in effective collaboration, delivery of the project in time, and multilevel collaborations. Thus our approach operates in e-commerce, web portals, Information and security, financial management, business automation, and supply chain management, which makes us a company that is far beyond software and staffing.