Data Storage

Master the capabilities and requirements of highly reliable and secure enterprise data storage solutions. Today’s large enterprises and corporations have a fundamental need for powerful and reliable enterprise storage solutions. Featuring high-speed data access, back-up capabilities, archiving solutions, and disaster recovery planning; modern enterprise data storage systems allow enterprises and corporations to meet their business continuity and regulatory requirements. Our portfolio of expert enterprise data storage courses will enable you to build your skills, gain certification, and enhance your career by learning how to plan, design, and manage key components of your information lifecycle.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Also known simply as memory or computer memory, RAM is what computers use to hold information temporarily so it can be easily accessed by the computer as you work. It's a lot like your own short-term memory - things move in and out quickly and aren't kept permanently.

Hard Disk Drive

Most computers and laptops use pieces of hardware to store data. They typically remain inside the device and store information, such as computer programs and files. In contrast to RAM, hard disk drives store data permanently so it can be retrieved at a later time, much like your own long-term memory.

RFlash Drive

Also known as thumb drives or USB sticks,flash drives are small, portable storage devices that can be plugged into the USB port on a device. Once data is stored on the flash drive, it remains there and can be removed and used in other devices. This is a common method for moving files between computers

SD (Secure Digital) Card

SD (secure digital) cards are small cards commonly used in digital cameras and smartphones to store files, such as digital photographs. Like flash drives, they can be easily removed and accessed on other devices

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Course OutCome

Introduction to Storage

SCSI Evolution

Introduction to SAS Technology

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (RAID)

Fiber Channel

Storage Hardware & Ecosystem


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