Big Data Hadoop

The Big Data Hadoop course from TechniHire teaches you the fundamentals of the Hadoop platform and Big data tools and methods. As a Big Data Developer, obtaining a Big Data Hadoop certification can help you succeed. In this Big Data and Hadoop session, you'll learn how Hadoop components fit into Big Data processing. Spark, parallel processing, and functional programming concepts will be covered in depth throughout this Big Data and Hadoop online course.

An Overview of the Big Data Hadoop Course

You are required to complete the Big Data Hadoop certification program to understand the Big Data framework comprehensively. Using Integrated Lab, you'll put your Hadoop skills to the test by working on real-world industrial projects.

What you should expect to discover

  • Acquaint yourself with the Big Data Hadoop framework.
  • Be fluent with Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce, Sqoop, Impala, Apache Pig, Hive, and Zoo Keeper, among other tools
  • Get the practical experience you need to land a job in any IT firm.

Key Features of Big Data and Hadoop Training

  • Access to self-paced content for the rest of your life
  • Using the Hadoop, Hive, and Big Data Stack in the Real World
  • Apache Spark and Yarn training are also available.
  • Designed to align with the Cloudera CCA175 exam.

Included Abilities

  • Real-time data processing.
  • Functional programming
  • Spark applications
  • Processing in several threads
  • Techniques for optimizing the Spark RDD
  • Spark SQL


Investing in your professional development by learning more about the Big Data and Analytics industry is wise.


A wide range of people can benefit from this online course on Big Data Hadoop, including IT and data management professionals who want to learn more about the technology. These people include software developers (and aficionados), testers, business intelligence professionals, and graduates looking to start a career in Big Data Analytics.


Students must have either a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree to attend. It is expected that you have a fundamental understanding of Java and SQL.

Program Highlights

Certificate of Completion by CloudxLab

Work on about 6+ projects to get hands-on experience

Timely Doubt Resolution

Best In Class Curriculum

Cloud Lab Access

Programming Languages and Tools