Client Focused Services

With over years of experience in outsourcing software development, we enable businesses, including start-ups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies, to customize our expertise and skills to get relief from their short- and long-term software development needs.

Operation Setup

Logistics planning process provides the foundation for the entire project. A thorough and well-documented problem definition and plan are essential to all that follows. Our company ensures the development of a supporting logic to integrate the findings of the internal review, external assessment, and technology study.

We take care of the following tasks:
  • Definition of current procedures and systems
  • Identification of the most likely system design alternatives based on leading industry and competitive practices
  • The suggestion of innovative approaches based on new theories and technologies

Project Controls

Project Controls are the data gathering, data management, and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program; through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision making.

Depending upon how Project Controls are viewed will influence what is considered as the component parts of the function. Here it is assumed that Project Controls are concerned with estimating initial baseline performance metrics, determining the current status of the project, estimating the future potential of the project, identifying any variances (baseline to current position and baseline to potential future position), and considering appropriate action to be taken to recover any positive variance.

Permitting & Approvals

Whether a project is large or small, care is required in maneuvering the complex labyrinth of permitting authorities and stakeholders to obtain the necessary authorizations on favorable terms that will allow a project to proceed. Our experience spans permitting and approval matters relating to all environmental media that arise under the full breadth of major environmental programs. Our lawyers are skilled in working with technical consultants, as well as the full range of internal and external project stakeholders—including permitting authorities and citizen groups—to facilitate successful outcomes for our clients.

Engineering & Design

What is the problem that needs to be solved? Who is the design product for, and why is it important to find a solution? What are the limitations and requirements? Engineers need to ask these types of critical questions regardless of what is being created. Good designers brainstorm possible solutions before opting to start a design, building a list of as many solutions as possible. Having listed potential solutions and determined the needs of the project alongside your research, the next step is to establish any factors that may constrain your work.
Once you have assessed your various options you can determine which approach best meets your requirements. Reject those that don’t meet your requirements.


Procurement encompasses a range of activities involved in obtaining goods or services. What is the purpose of procurement? In general, procurement teams work to obtain competitively priced supplies that deliver the most value. However, not all companies define procurement in the same way. Procurement is an important step in understanding supply chains, because it helps a company find reliable suppliers that can provide competitively priced goods and services that match the company’s needs.